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Pest Control and Removal in Streatham Hill

Pestokil are a privately owned and managed pest control company, covering Streatham Hill. We are proud of the reputation we have gained over many years, built on our passion for what we do, our knowledge and professionalism and our ability to quickly and efficiently eradicate pest problems.

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Our mission is simply to remove the worry and stress associated with pest problems to enable our customers to get on with their everyday lives.

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Domestic Pest Control in Streatham Hill

Pestokil's mission is to guarantee protection for your home and family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. All of our technicians are experienced, professional and discreet and are able to offer the best pest control services in Streatham Hill for a range of pest problems and all known common household pests.

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Commercial Pest Control in Streatham Hill

Pestokil's mission is to guarantee protection for your home and family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. All of our technicians are experienced, professional and discreet and are able to offer the best pest control services in Streatham Hill for a range of pest problems and all known common household pests.

We have the capability to manage any requirement you may have, from one site to multi-sites. Ask us about our business account, which enables business customers to set up one account for their entire operation, provides one point of contact across all sites and offers monthly invoicing.

If you are experiencing pest problems in Streatham Hill, act now. Call us on: 07767 163 536

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Squirrel Removal & Control in Streatham Hill

Squirrels are a slightly different form of nuisance, as they are animals, not insects, and so they have a ‘cute appeal’ that means many find it difficult to see them as pests in need of controlling. Whilst they may appear soft, fluffy and harmless, like rats, the common grey squirrel is host to a variety of nasty diseases, and were more or less single-handedly responsible for wiping out the much-loved British red squirrel species.

Squirrels like to nest in loft spaces, tearing at loft insulation and running around to find materials to build warm nests; in addition to the serious noise pollution they will cause in your property, squirrels are extremely territorial, so when they build their in your loft, this can present a real problem, as they will lose their cuteness and become extremely aggressive - even more so if they have baby squirrels. Blocking off their access points - usually about the size of a tennis ball - often doesn’t work as, again like rats, they can chew through and scratch at almost anything (including soft metals, tiles, joists and hard wood) to re-gain entry, making them a real nuisance and very difficult to get rid of.

This is one pest where professional help is absolutely essential. If you notice noises, damage to your loft insulation, or droppings - these are larger and more rounded than rat droppings, approx 8-12mm - that you suspect have been caused by squirrels, don’t try and catch them and release them outside - this is actually illegal in the UK - give us a call. We will use traps and poisons to humanely exterminate all squirrels nesting in your property, and then effectively block off their access points so that you won’t be targeted again.

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Mice removal & control in Streatham Hill

There are two main types of mice commonly found in infestations. The larger, long-tailed, field mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus), which is around two inches long and light brown, and the smaller brown/grey house mouse (Mus domesticus).

Mice droppings are often black, rod shaped and 3-6mm long. Fresh droppings will be soft and moist. Each mouse can leave approximately 40 to 50 droppings per day. Common places to find mouse droppings are under the kitchen sink, around central heating boilers and in roof spaces.

Smear marks are dark grey marks left on surfaces by repeated contact with the oils in mouses fur.

Mice gnaw continually on materials such as wood, carpets, paper, pipe cables and furniture. Check for damage to foodstuffs in cupboards. Mice have been known to spread some nasty diseases to humans such as Salmonella, Listeria, which can cause food poisoning.

We have the necessary expertise to eliminate the mice around your property, our fully trained technicians will carry out a full inspection of your property before we proceed with the actual treatment.

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Rat Removal in Streatham Hill

Rats are a particularly troublesome pest, as they carry more severe health risks, commonly spreading diseases and parasites, which are carried in their droppings, hair and urine and that are easily transferred to humans. They also bite, so if you see one, you should never attempt to touch or catch it - call in the professionals. Rats are extremely agile and resourceful, and can enter you property through a variety of means and spaces; they can squeeze through surprisingly small spaces, and will chew through all manner of materials to gain access to your property, so measures should always be put in place to deter them:

    - Rats eat anything, so always store food above ground level in tightly sealed metal or glass containers
    - Get rid of all food waste quickly from all indoor areas, paying particular attention to the floor, and not forgetting pet food.
    - Store rubbish outside, ideally in metal bins with tight fitting lids. Don’t keep food waste in the garden, and do not add organic food waste to compost.
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Ant removal & control in Streatham Hill

There are a number of different species of ant that can cause problems in the UK; the most common are the black ant and the garden ant, but it is not unheard of for people to report flying ant or tropical pharaoh ant infestations. The best solution is prevention, and there are a number of things you can do to prevent an ant infestation, including:

    - Properly sealing all opened food in airtight containers, including cupboard food.
    - Quickly cleaning up any food or drink spillages
    - Being sure to clean in hard to reach areas of your kitchen, such as underneath the cooker, fridge and freezer
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Wasp removal & control in Streatham Hill

wasps can be troublesome, especially if you have a wasp nest somewhere near your property.You can often find wasp nests in wall cavities, roof spaces, under eaves, in bird boxes, sheds or garages.

Treating a wasp nest can be very dangerous.This is risk and a cause for concern if you have children or pets as for some wasp stings can be very dangerous causing severe reactions, with several people dying from wasp stings every year.

That's why at Pestokill you can be reassured that our trained technicians with access to a range of professional insecticides products which are not available to the public. Will take care of the situation for you.

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Solar Panel Proofing | Protect your solar panels from Birds and rodents in Streatham Hill

Over the last decade we have seen a huge increase of solar panels installations on homes.

What installers don’t tell you is it leaves a gap between the roof and the solar panel of a few inches. Birds love this sheltered area for a warm dry place to nest, this causes damage to your solar panel.

At Pest Control Support we protect and proof this area using mesh to stop the birds from going underneath your solar panels.

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